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Niche Media is a full service advertising agency, providing specialist ethnic communication services, helping clients to get their messages and marketing communications into the “hard to reach” Asian, Maori and Pacific audiences, ie, the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities, (CALD).
Niche Media provides a wide range of services from Creative, to Production in all languages and also manages the “Bureau of Ethnic Communication” on behalf of the NZ Government.
The Bureau provides media strategy and booking services for the 80 ethnic media companies that it represents and guarantees clients industry best practice, based on independent research for all media bookings. These media include TV, radio, print, digital and social media options.

Niche Media also provides clients direct access to a network of Community Ambassadors to reinforce the clients messages and develop more effective up-take and “call to action” of the message. This provides Complete Ethnic Marketing Solutions.

Niche Media is a pioneer in the field of multicultural marketing and has been setting best practice in this industry for almost two decades. Niche Media was also instrumental in funding the first ever multicultural media survey in conjunction with the NZ Government and continues with on-going research.


Mission Statement

To develop the most effective, efficient, user-friendly and on line based systems for providing the best possible channels of communication for getting messages into and back from the ethnic communities, with respect and sensitivity for all cultures and niche audiences and with providing full resources to help clients achieve their communication goals.


The team comprises of:


Marty Pouwels - Niche Media Marty Pouwels
Marty Pouwels has a background sales, marketing and community relations, as the CEO and founder he formed Niche Media almost 2 decades ago to help Corporate and Government clients reach the Maori, Pacific and Asian communities and engage with them more effectively. Marty also chairs the NZ Association of Ethnic Communications Incorporated, the country’s ethnic media association comprising more than 80 media organisations serving the Asian, Maori and Pacific communities. Marty lectures on the subject of multicultural communications at various tertiary institutions throughout NZ.



Paul Doyle - Niche Media Paul Doyle
Paul Doyle orgianlly from Scotland arrived in New Zealand in 2012, joining the company the following year. Paul spent the previous 23 years working in senior management and ownership capacities in the media industry, in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. Paul still retains business interests in China and is the current chair of our partner agency in Shanghai.

Melino Maka - Niche Media Melino Maka
Melino Maka grew up in Tonga and gained his experience of New Zealand through 43 years residence in Palmerston North and Auckland, in contracting to government agencies, and in the advocacy projects of the Tongan Advisory Council (TAC) which he chairs. He has spent many years managing employment projects to help reduce Pacific unemployment in New Zealand. His expertise in crossing cultures is much in demand. Recent roles have included in providing advice to the New Zealand Parliamentary inquiry into the bilateral Tongan relationship, as well as to other government agencies and NGOs in New Zealand and Tonga. Melino worked in Tonga for Palace Office and for two Prime Ministers from 2006-2011.




Lina Liu - Niche Media Lina Liu
Lina Liu joined Niche Media in Oct 2014, originally from China. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Teaching at Hebei Normal University, China and obtained her Bachelor of Communication (International Communication) at Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. Lina also plays a community role and has volunteer experience at Avondale Community Action Center.




Kaliappan-Chetty-Niche-Media Kaliappan Chetty
Arrived in New Zealand in 2003 and originally from Nadi Fiji and of Indian decent. Chetty has worked in Tourism, Building, Retail, Wholesale, Printing industry and Finance. Previously the CEO for one of the biggest Educational and Cultural Organization’s and operated his own Printing press for 13 years

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