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Internship Application

Niche Media is funding a Paid internship for Pacific Community Liaison Manager for candidates from the Pacific community, but also the Māori and Asian communities. The internship was launched at Polyfest on the 8th of March 2023 and the other scholarships will follow.

The internships are available to candidates nationwide; however, all training and university accreditation will be provided in the Auckland region. The university and accreditations are dependent on the successful applicant’s previous academic history.

Pacific Media is a very exciting and rewarding industry, especially if you are a key player in Pacific communications and delivering only positive and informative messages, as this position requires.

The internship with Niche Media will enable you to be an influential manager and make a major contribution to bringing news, information and a wide range of opportunities and entertainment to all the Pacific communities – and you’ll be doing this in-conjunction with the 80 media companies that Niche Media works with. These media are the most effective channels into Pasifika.

The successful candidates will be trained to be “Community Liaison Managers” and they will learn all about community engagement, representing Niche Media at Festivals and events like Polyfest and Pasifika. You will present our Research to clients, engage with Pacific media channels, represent Niche Media to our clients and be comfortable in front of a camera, on the odd occasion.

Previous media experience is not necessary, however clearly it would be helpful. The scholarship program will provide the successful candidates with training in all categories of media; Creative & Production, Media Strategy, Planning, Research & Buying, with candidates receiving on the job training in real life situations.

What is most important is that the applicant has good community connections at all levels and is self-motivated, as this role requires direct engagement with the Pacific community. You’ll need to be a good speaker, both in English and your native tongue. The successful candidates will be the interface between the communities and Niche Media’s clients, ie, (the NZ Government and Corporate business).

This enables these candidates to immediately tap into business, the media networks and our industry connections in a real-live working situation through Niche Media’s day-to-day business.

Niche Media has 24 years of experience in processing our client’s messages into the Māori, Pacific and Asian communities and we have major contracts, which require specialist skills. We are well positioned to provide the successful candidates with everything they need to be successful professionals in the industry, the rest is up to you.

The successful applicant will receive full wages and all costs will be covered by Niche Media during the 3-year training period. At the end of this period, they will become Community Liaison Managers and each applicant will take-over and manage all aspects of community engagement & client relations, including engaging new staff to help with campaigns & projects which they are developing.

Community Liaison Managers for Niche Media will represent the communities to Niche Media’s clients and they will also support the delivery of the client’s messages into the communities.

These successful candidates (representing each community), will be fast-tracked into leadership positions at all levels of society, both in their community, in business and society in general, thereby strengthening all sectors of business in Aotearoa, with communication and community integration.

Our goals are to provide well-funded, long-term opportunities for the successful candidates to be professionals in our industry and develop their own stories and their own storey telling skills.

We want to improve communications and opportunities for the Māori, Pacific & Asian communities, so that these candidates can flourish into professional careers and develop into leadership positions in the communities, in society and in their chosen fields.

This internship is something that Niche Media has been working on for a long time now and the company has established a Charitable Trust to support the funding of future candidates, into professional careers.

Niche Media wants to provide long-term pathways for multiple candidates going forward and for many career options, therefore, we have looked to provide a constant supply of funds that are sustainable long into the future. These funds will be generated by Niche Media, the Bureau media booking Hub and from its networks & sponsors of the Charitable Trust.

Niche Media are committed to offering the first three successful candidates, full time paid management positions within the company and are therefore committing full-funding towards the internship over the next 3 years, for these three positions.

The Company sees these initials appointments as the genesis of many more internships to come. With the support of our clients and sponsors, we can provide other / different career options for candidates, which are still within the professional industry category.

If you are strongly community minded and want a career doing “good in the hood” then please scan the QR code and fill-out the application form.

For further information, please contact the company’s CEO, Martin Pouwels,

CEO Niche Media Ltd – – Office; Ph +64 9 532 9780 – Unit 7/325 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood, Auckland 2013

Internship Application

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