2020 Ethnic Events Calendar

January Events/Festivals
1st Western Samoa Independence day
25th Year of the Rat, Chinese New Years Day

February Events/Festivals
8th Lantern Festival

March Events/Festivals
1st Korean Independence Movement Day
14th and 15th 2017 Pasifika Festival at Western Springs, Auckland

April Events/Festivals
2nd Rama Navami (Indian Festival)
13th Baisakhi Festival (Indian Festival)
23rd First day of Ramadan

May Events/Festivals
8th Korean Parent’s Day
23rd Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadam)

June Events/Festivals
12th Philippines Independence Day Celebration

July Events/Festivals
17th South Korea Constitution Day

August Events/Festivals
9th Singapore National Day
9th Singapore National Day
14th Pakistan Independence Day
15th Indian Independence Day
15th Korean Liberation Day
31st Malaysia Merdeka Day (Freedom Day)

October Events/Festivals
1st Chinese National Day
1st Chinese Mid Autumn (Moon Festival)
14th Samoan White Sunday
10th Republic of China/Taiwan National Day:
10th Fiji Independence Day

November Events/Festivals
14th DIWALI (Indian Festival)
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