Tongan Community

Over 60,000  people identified as Tongan at the 2013 Census

The Tongan ethnic group comprised 60,336 people or 1.5 percent of people that stated an ethnic group living in New Zealand on 5 March 2013.

For people identifying with the Tongan ethnic group living in New Zealand on 5 March 2013:

  • The most common region this group lived in was Auckland Region (77.8 percent or 46,971 people).
  • The median age (half are younger and half are older than this age) was 19.4 years.
  • 59.8 percent (35,385 people) were born in New Zealand and 40.2 percent (23,826 people) were born overseas.
  • 67.9 percent (21,396 people) aged 15 years and over had a formal qualification.


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