Niuean Community

Niueans are the fourth largest Pacific ethnic group in New Zealand

The Niuean ethnic group comprised 23,883 people or less than 1 percent of people that stated an ethnic group living in New Zealand on 5 March 2013.

For people identifying with the Niuean ethnic group living in New Zealand on 5 March 2013:

  • The most common region this group lived in was Auckland Region (77.7 percent or 18,555 people).
  • The median age (half are younger and half are older than this age) was 20.4 years.
  • 78.9 percent (18,465 people) were born in New Zealand and 21.1 percent (4,941 people) were born overseas.
  • 67.1 percent (8,646 people) aged 15 years and over had a formal qualification.

There is currently one Niuean print option and Niuean language output on Radio 531pi (every Tuesday, 6:30pm – 6am)

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