Fijian Community

Fijians were the 5th largest Pacific Island Peoples community group

In 2006, Fijians were the fifth largest Pacific ethnic group in New Zealand, making up 9,861 of New Zealand’s Pacific population (265,974). The Fijian population increased by 40 percent (2,820) between 2001 and 2006. Fijians born in New Zealand account for 44% (4,251) of the total Fijian population. 29 percent (2,676) of Fijians are able to hold an everyday conversation in Fijian. This was a 1 percentage point decrease since 2001. 59 percent (5,847) of the Fijian population live in the Auckland region, which is an increase of 1 percentage point since 2001.

•Almost 60% of the Fijian population lives in Auckland
•Fijian population grew by 40% from 2001 to 2006
•Fijians are the 5th largest group of Pacific Island Peoples in New Zealand
•5616 people were classed Fijian Indian
•About 37746 New Zealand residents were born in Fiji
•By place of birth, Fijians are the second largest group after Samoans

While there is no longer any specific media catering to the fijian community, they are well served by NiuFM, Radio Apna, Radio Tarana, and the New Zealand Pacific, Indian Newslink newspapers, Indian Newslink website and Triangle/Stratos TV, among others. The Fijian communities of New Zealand are very active through their Fijian Associations.

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